You can find everything in Greece!!!

This famous saying is partly true. To find everything in
Greece of course is impossible. As well as in the any other country.

But what is in the Greece — is a warm sea, fine beaches, scenic mountains, excellent cuisine, shopping for every taste and purse, as well as the huge number of cultural monuments. And, of course, great kindness of the Greeks.

Greece — country of tourism.

Tourism — is fundamental to economic prosperity of the country. Therefore, in Greece, all made for tourists and for the sake of tourists.

Almost every resident of the Greece, is fluent in English and, in
addition, knows a few phrases in all languages of the world.

Hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, sports kits — all these are in
almost every region and in the enormous quantities. Very well developed transport infrastructure in Greece. You can travel around the country with maximum comfort and safety. All transport runs right on schedule, which is very useful when planning trips.

Greece. West coast of Crete

Greece. Athens. Acropolis of Athens

Geographic Location.

Greece is situated in south-eastern Europe. ( see Greece on a map. ) Precisely — at the south of the Balkan Peninsula. Greece has the numerous islands in the Ionian, Aegean and Sea of Crete.

Greece. Athens. Archaeological Museum


Greece is located in the subtropical climatic zone. But due to the mountainous regions you can find almost all climatic zones in Greece.

During the winter in Greece you can, for example, in one day to ski in the mountainous and swim in the sea.

Summer is very hot. The temperature in summer reaches +40 C. The optimal time for travel in Greece is May-June, September — for a beach holiday and winter, autumn — for sightseeing.


Greece is included in the so-called euro zone. Almost all the restaurants, hotels and shops in Greece accept credit cards.

Phone Numbers

Police — 100

Driver Assistance — 104

Information Service — 131

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