Botanical Garden

In the heart of Athens , near Sintagma Square and the Presidential Palace, there is the National Botanic Garden of Greece. The garden
owes its appearance in the light of the Greek Queen Amalie, which even used the Greek navy for the delivery of plants from all over the world. Garden design was executed by the Prussian gardener Friedrich Schmidt. The garden occupies about 16 hectares, which is set cozy alleys, benches for rest, the remains of Roman mosaics and aqueduct, pond and even a small zoo. Also a garden decorated with statues of famous Greek writers and sculptors. The gardens are open to public access around the clock (For this reason, it is possible to meet Athenian homeless, but they do not pose any threat to the public).


Athens. Botanical Garden

Athens. Botanical Garden2

Athens. Botanical Garden3

Athens. Botanical Garden4

Athens. Botanical Garden6

Athens. Botanical Garden9

Athens. Botanical Garden5

Athens. Botanical Garden7

Athens. Botanical Garden8

Athens. Botanical Garden10

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