Gate of the Acropolis is the famous Propylaea (The term of «Propylae» meant in the ancient Greek concept of the single gate, and «Propylaea» — a memorial to the entrance gate with the several columns).

Tribute to the beauty of Propylaea gave many famous people. For example, Epamenonod, a famous strategist of the city of Thebes, said that if Thebes had Propylaea Athens , it would become equal in beauty to Athens.

Like all other buildings of the Acropolis, Propylaea were destroyed by the Persians and rebuilt in the era of Pericles by outstanding architect Mnesicles.

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Although the final completion of construction was never completed.

In 432 BC. Construction of the Propylaea was interrupted because of the threat of the Peloponnesian War.

In ancient times Propylaea were ornamented within the set of sculptures and at the north wing of the Propylaea was a large room called the Pinacoteca (Art Gallery), whose walls were decorated with paintings of great artists of the 5 th century BC

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Propylaea shared the common fate of the Acropolis. In the Middle Ages in Propylaea was located the main
residence of the Duchy of Athens.

Later the Turks had set up in
Propylaea the ammunition depot. In 1645 lightning stroke in Propylaea and ignited gunpowder and a masterpiece Mnesicles was destroyed.

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